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MOSAIC Concept

The MOSAIC sophisticate beats to no one’s drum, but sets her own standards…a global tastemaster.

MOSAIC is the online lifestyle destination for the contemporary global sophisticate, borne from the love of travel and a strong appreciation for unexpected treasures across all cultures.

We scour vibrant, international meccas in our quest to hand-pick unique items of unparalleled quality, decadent materials and creative design just for you. We focus on the strength of a destination’s artisans to offer the best in global chic.

Beautiful Coclico footwear made of luxurious leathers, handcrafted in Spain. SURevolution organic leaf jewelry made by artisans in Colombia. Exquisite home accents in gold cast metal, made in India, are only a taste of the products that we offer.

Infinite possibilities across the world. Signature pieces for your wardrobe, to accent your home, or to share gifts of distinction with the ones you cherish.

MOSAIC mirrors your world.

With love and passion!


Chioma Amegashie, Founder & CEO